As a follow up to our article earlier this week, we found new information out about the upstairs of the soon to be Fiona’s Coffee Shop and Bakery. Owner, Kenny Godnavec is opening the Willoughby General Store, which will be located above the new coffee shop and bakery. At this time the upstairs is similar to an Americana room with vintage World War 2, Vietnam, and other historic pieces. There has been book signings, weddings, fundraisers and much more over the years. One the most famous book signings by Danny Coughlin, Cleveland sportscaster, and the Daniels family for the book My Brother the Fighter, which is a story of a Willoughby man who fought Joe Frazier back in the 1960’s.


Ken has turned this upstairs into an oasis of history. It is reminiscent of a Woolworth’s where people can go up to the counter, order a milkshake and feel like they took a step back into the 1940’s. Not only can you grab a milkshake, but they will be serving soft drinks, pizza, nachos, pretzels, and hot dogs. Mr. Godnavec even went as far as to strike a deal with Coca-Cola to use glass bottles instead of plastic or aluminum to add to the nostalgic appeal. In the store, you will be able to buy products such as jellies and jams, honey, popcorn and various other local homemade products. It is Ken’s hope that families will be able to bring their kids in and feed the entire family for a reasonable price.

The store will be open to the public daily, but may be utilized for private educational or community events. They have installed televisions and sound systems to enable organizations and individuals to host events and give presentations.

Overall, Ken is passionate about downtown Willoughby and its history. The space upstairs has been unused for years and now this is his opportunity to give back to Willoughby. In the upcoming month, we will have an update on the grand opening.