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W. Brown Custom Jewelry & Design opened for business in 2003. At the time of opening, William had 14 years of experience. William Brown anticipated the need for an intimate, client friendly jewelry store with the emphasis on excellent customer service, onsite design services and onsite repair services.

Our thought was anyone can go to the big box stores and pick out an item of jewelry, but most people want something no one else has. And that is where we come in and help!

We can use client stones, perhaps ones that were handed down from Mom, Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa. The clients love the stones and the sentimentality of them, but not the design that the stones are in. We can use their stones or we can provide them for you. Then we can make a unique and elegant item of jewelry designed specifically for the client’s taste.

W. Brown is a full service jeweler. We manufacture our custom designs in-store. We also do our own jewelry repair, casting, wax modeling, etc.

W. Brown does minor watch repairs in-store, for example: watch batteries, pins and watchbands.

William Brown wants your shopping experience to be the most pleasurable and straightforward as it can be. We appreciate the client and realize that without you, W. Brown Custom Jewelry and Design does not exist.