The Gourmet Soap Market Claim

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We are a unique destination boutique-shop centered around fabulous handmade products together with a relaxing and engaging customer experience using the power of scents, samples, and smiles! It is easy to forget the simple things as a business but we never do. Everything we do is about the customer and creating an experience that is uplifting like a visit to a fine spa. The experience continues when you get home to actually use the spa like handmade products on your body and smell the fresh scents that are often only this good in a resort town spa. We bring that world to everyone in our line.

While I run my own company as a single owner, I put hundreds of other small businesses (many female-owned) to work to prepare the items fresh for my store. We have high standards of quality, freshness, and ingredients and only introduce new items to the menu that are high performance and ones that I love and the customers rave about. We are not cookie cutter we offer authentic products that are lovingly prepared . Our customer is always the judge and we listen to keep improving the menu.

The items are made in the USA using the finest ingredients and items are always prepared fresh for the store. We do not animal test and animal causes is our philanthropy. We have a robust plan to be involved with this cause as we grow as a company.

We are unique in our approach from start to finish making a visit to our shop a total experience. Not only do we cater to the customer and prepare the finest goods, we also prepare packages and present items to look fabulous and speak for themselves via the packaging! Everything is wrapped up ready to give thereby reducing waste paper and extra cost for the customer. We use pleasing and delightful materials to make everything look like a present.

The Gourmet Soap Shop has been featured in the following: Cleveland Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, Womans World, Live on Fox 8 News and New Day Cleveland, Channel 5 WEWS, Channel 3 WKYC, the RNC list as a provider, Winner of Best Shops in Cleveland per Cleveland’s Hot List, and various others.